Virtual Environment

Comfortable and flexible, without the need to leave your home or office.

A Virtual Classroom enabling real-time interaction between the teacher and the learner.

A whole range of tools and technological resources at your disposal which promotes interaction and collaboration between teachers and learners in a distance learning environment.

Learning materials specially developed for synchronous distance learning (with the teacher “present” online) which make immediate and consistent results possible.

A learning environment specially designed to guarantee results, achieved through teacher-present classes in addition to high levels of interaction made possible by new information and communication technologies.

Virtual Classroom Resources

An online whiteboard on which both the teacher and students can write.

A shared environment.

Access controlled through password use.

Online support: one-to-one personalized attention to student participants through chat or the FALE IDIOMAS ONLINE social network.

Resource Library: Publication of complementary material for consultation available in various formats (presentations, PDF's, documents, videos, and multi-media).

Communication: available through both synchronous ("real-time") and asynchronous processes.

Audio and video.

Use of images, texts, and interactive exercises.

Personalized environment to which only the learner and the teacher have access.

The ability to print or download all the material used in class.

Connecting you with the world.

The ability for each student to build up his or her own personal study notes folder as the topics are covered.

 Round the clock access to the virtual classroom to review materials, do exercises, etc.

 Constant updating of learning materials.

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